Let Your Rings Speak for You

People DO judge a book by its cover.

Imagine you are a book, what makes your cover? Your face, haircut, or outfits? All of them. But there is something equally important if not more, the rings you wear. They send strong signals which speak a lot about you, your marriage status, your affiliation, your wealth and power, your personality, your fashion attitude… The rings almost play the role of title on the cover of yours.

Now you see why rings are not something you can just put on nonchalantly. If you decide to wear rings, make sure you wear them right.

Left hand or Right hand?

Actually, there is no specification. Both hands are acceptable for wearing rings. Except for the ring fingers (4th fingers) on which rings normally indicate your marriage status, you can wear them on either hand as you like. The right hand is generally seen as physical hand while the left one mental hand which represents your character and beliefs.

The Ring Finger

Symbolize your marriage status. Left ring finger is thought to have an unbroken artery leading straight to the heart. That may be the reason why people from most cultures wear wedding rings on left ring finger while engagement rings on the right one. For those who are seeking to start an affair or a relationship, they can judge from your ring fingers whether you are available.

The Pinky Finger

Usually it’s the first choice for a man to wear a statement ring or a ring to showcase his character since there is no particular religious or cultural associations to it. While in many European countries like Great Britain, men used to wear a signet ring on left pinky finger to symbolize family and status.

The Middle Finger

A ring wearing on middle fingers, no matter left or right, does not necessarily stand for anything. Although it is seen by some people as a symbolism of male characters, you’d better choose a small and simple one, for comfort’s sake.

The Index Finger

Basically there is no religious or cultural indications related to rings wearing on index finger. But its prominence makes it a good place to show off important rings like class rings, fraternal rings, family or membership crests.

The Thumb

Thumbs are often related to interaction and friendship. In some cultures, thumb rings can be a sign of wealth and power as they tend to be heavy and bulky. But nowadays a thumb ring has become a great choice to show off a man’s fashion statement and confidence.