UrCsilver is mainly engaged in the 925 sterling silver jewelry, jewelry design, production, processing, wholesale and export business. After several years of focused business scale is gradually expanding.

Our silver designers have a unique perspective on jewelry design. All of our silver jewelry is handcrafted.

Quality sterling silver jewelry is always in style. In fact, archaeological surveys show that people have been wearing silver jewelry since 900 BC! We stock the hottest designs using only the highest quality 925 sterling silver.All our products are made of solid 925 sterling silver or 990/999 fine silver, as described in the product pages. We accept any third party authority inspection. Our 925 sterling silver jewelry is unsurpassed for strength and beauty and we guarantee that every piece we sell is genuine sterling silver. We even submit random pieces to labs on a regular basis just to be double sure.

E-Mail: service@urcsilver.com